The following is a list of common questions about the Baby Sign and Learn for Android app. If your question is not answered here please contact our support team with your question and we will look into it for you.

Selection of the preferred sign language occurs during the installation for the app. During the app setup, the user is prompted to select their preferred sign language dialect. After the user makes a selection from the list of available signed languages, the app proceeds to download the signing videos for that particular language.

To change the language used by the app, you must uninstall the app and proceed with a fresh installation of the app. As before, you will be prompted to choose your desired signed language and wait for the new content to download.

If you are experiencing this problem, it is recommended that you install the most recent update for the app (version 3.). It is also recommended that you uninstall any previous versions of the app before installing the update.

If you continue to experience problems with the app, please report the problem to us here. These types of errors seem to only occur on certain devices so please let us know which device you are using as well as a description of the problem you are seeing (e.g. error message text).

The primary reason the iPad app differs from the Android app is because the iPad app is a lot further along in its development. The iPad app is currently at version 4 and the Android app is at version 3. It is unfortunate that it's not possible to simply reuse the iPad app on Android devices but alas developers are required to start from scratch to support Android devices. Typically Android releases are much more time consuming because of the large number of devices that need to be tested and supported; which is why it is currently lagging behind the iPad app.

Unfortunately iOS apps do not work on Android devices. This realization can certainly come as a major disappointment when choosing to switch out of the apple eco-system, especially if you have invested a great deal of time and money into selecting and purchasing your apps on iOS.

The Baby Sign and Learn Android app is a completely different app from the apple app. As the two platforms have no technical crossover, the Android app has been developed again from scratch and it even contains a different set of features.

Unfortunately there is no way to transfer your purchase from Apple to Google Play or Amazon App Store. The contracts we have in place with our various Android app distributors prevent us from being able to provide a cross-device subscription service. If such a subscription service did exist it would likely incur a much higher fee than is currently charged on a per app basis.

CHECK_LICENSE: This permission allows the app to query Android Market to ensure that the app is licensed (i.e. has been purchased through Android Market).

INTERNET: The first time the app is run it will use your internet connection to download all multimedia required for the app.

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: The app contains a large number of multimedia files which get stored on the SD card as the device's internal memory is unlikely to have enough space. approx 44MB is needed.

The app uses Google Play licensing. This works by checking that the app has been purchased through Google Play whenever the app is run. For this check to return successfully your Android phone must be set up to use the same Google account that was used when the app was purchased.

You can locate your primary account by going too Setting > Accounts & sync > Google. It is usually a gmail account.

If you have not changed your Android device's Primary Account and have purchased the app yet still experiencing this problem, please contact our support team.

In your support inquiry please include the following so that we can best assist you :

  • a short description of the problem and when you first noticed it.
  • the name of your Primary Account.
  • your Android device details (e.g. HTC Desire).
  • the app version. Found at: Settings > applications > Manage applications > Baby Sign and Learn >.

This is an Google Play error and is most likely SD-Card related. The app attempts to install on the SD-Card so this may be why you are seeing the issue.
At the moment Google do not have a bug fix but there are two possible solutions --

Solution 1: Disabling the SD-Card before installing.

The easiest way to solve this is disabling the SD-Card by either removing it – or unmounting it using the Android preferences. (Then remounting it once the installation is complete.)

Solution 2: Removing the file on the SD-Card that usually causes the error 18

  1. mount your Android phone by connecting it with USB to your PC.
  2. set your phone to work as a USB drive.
  3. mount your phone’s drive in explorer (PC) / finder (Mac).
  4. the root of the sd card should contain a folder named “”, open it.
  5. delete “smdl2tmp1.asec” (note: this file is created by Android when your SD-Card is full. The file remains even when the SD-Card is emptied. This file prevents apps from installing on the SD-Card.).

From now on Google Play should run fine.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact our support team with the following details:

  • your Android device details (e.g. HTC Desire).
  • the app version. Found at: Settings > applications > Manage applications > Baby Sign and Learn > or Settings > applications > Manage applications > Baby Sign and Learn LITE >.

The app requires a minimum screen resolution of 320px (height) x 176px (width)  in order to display the video clips. If the screen resolution is smaller than either of these dimensions then the videos will not play. Unfortunatley, we do not have any plans to release a low-res version of the app at this time.

For other devices, where screen resolution is not an issue, the following steps are usually effective for resolving this issue:

  1. uninstall the app.
  2. turn your Android device off and then back on again.
  3. reinstall the app from Google Play. Note: if you are installing the paid version of the app you will not have to pay for it again as Google has your payment on record.

If you are still experiencing problems please contact our support team with the following details:

  • your Android device details (e.g. HTC Desire).
  • the app version. Found at: Settings > applications > Manage applications > Baby Sign and Learn > or Settings > applications > Manage applications > Baby Sign and Learn Lite >.

Google Play

Please contact us immediately as we should be able to service any polite and reasonable request for a refund. However, we do ask that you consult our friendly support team before resorting to a negative review on Google Play. We are always eager to help. In your refund request, please include the following details:

  • reason for refund request.
  • the name of your Primary Account, so that we can reverse your transaction. You can locate your primary account by going to Setting > Accounts & sync > Google. It is usually a gmail account.
  • your full name.

Amazon App Store

Our relationship with Amazon is similar to an author's relationship with a large bookstore i.e. we can't issue refunds, swap one purchase for another or see information about who has made a purchase. Please contact Amazon Support directly for a refund:

Nook App Store

Please contact the Barnes and Noble Support team directly for a refund.

Samsung App Store

Please see the following information:

Other App Stores

Please contact us with your refund request and include the following details:

  • reason for refund request.
  • the name of the app.
  • name of the App Store from which you purchased the app.
  • your full name.

Unfortunately, this is a problem with the Google Play payment system and not something Baby Sign and Learn has any control over. The following steps may fix your issue:

  1. turn phone off..
  2. power the phone back on.
  3. open up Google Talk (the app is labelled as 'Talk').
  4. select “Sign Out” from the menu.
  5. open Google Talk again.
  6. once it appears you are signed in again, exit Google Talk.
  7. open up Market.
  8. cancel the download stuck on "Authorizing Credit Card" (make sure you don't hit refund).
  9. start the download again.

You should be able to reinstall the app from Android Market without being charged again as Google already has your payment on record. Just make sure that your device is signed-in using the same account that you used to purchase the app. You can find out which account you are signed-in with by opening up the Google Talk app (this app is labelled as 'Talk'.

If these steps do not fix the problem and the problem persists for more than 24 hours then it may be advisable to contact Android Market technical support or your phone service provider's technical support line.

This problem is resolved by ensuring that your device’s clock or time zone setting is correct.

Our server uses the current time to authenticate requests, if the clock is off by more than 15 minutes, or if the time zone is incorrect, the app’s request to download the signing videos will fail.

You can check your device’s time settings by going to Settings>Date & time.

Alternatively, there is also a free app called "Clock Sync" available from Google Play which is effective for setting the device's date/time settings accurately. (Please note that "Clock Sync" is a third party app so we advise that you perform appropriate due diligence before deciding to install this third party app on your device. Baby Sign and Learn does not provide any warranties or support for the use of the Clock Sync app).