This set of American Sign Language flash cards contains 47 cards to help make teaching your baby to sign lots of fun.

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[Format: 48 cards, double-sided, 3.5"x5.75"]

[EAN: 9780987116178]

Educational and Fun

These colorful flashcards can help you and your child learn sign language, while having fun together.

Each double sided card includes an image and the corresponding word on the front for the child, and one of the Baby Sign and Learn cartoon babies with directional arrows and a description of the movements on the back to help you learn the sign. Also included is a quick-start instruction card to help you get started.

Inspirational and Colorful

These beautifully designed flash cards will entertain and delight your child. The bright and colorful image on the front of each card provides a great visual experience and adds context for the sign. While the reverse side shows the adorable Baby Sign and Learn cartoon babies performing the key poses for the sign. These adorable babies will help inspire your baby to mimic the movement of the sign.

Baby Sign Language Flash Cards

Lots of Signs to Learn

This flash card pack contains 47 American Sign Language signs including:

apple baby banana bath bear swing
bed bird blanket boat book light
bottle brush teeth bug butterfly car water
cow cracker diaper dog doll vegetable
duck eat elephant fish flower tree
cat frog fruit hurt juice toy
milk monkey plane play potty telephone
stars drink strawberry stroller swim